Quitapenas Has A New Album Out!

Quitapenas Releases Tigrada- An Album That Will Wake Up The Masses, Dancing

 Tigrada is out now via Cosmica

"At the heart of the group is a tropical Afro-Latin combo, brewed under the warm California sun with a certain liberation in their sound as summed up in the meaning of their name: Quita (remove) Penas (worries)" -Wax Poetics

Quitapenas, a band that forms a crucial part of Southern California's chorus, releases their album Tigrada today via Cósmica Records. In true form, the album embraces influences through space and time- from Puerto Rican Bomba to Garifuna Punta. The album's sound is coupled with the weight of its lyrics which, this time around, are fearless to confront the times we're living in. Many of them written years ago, it's shocking how relevant they still are. You have a track like La Educación, which preaches 'la educación es el arma del pueblo,' claiming that education is a right not to be taken lightly. And you have songs like El Dino, which look back on the mass shooting in San Bernardino in 2015, simply asking the shooter, 'por que te enojas,'- a song that is both specific and (unfortunately) timeless given the state of the country at this moment. The album, deepening the sound audiences have grown to love over the years, is fearless in its subject matter, and deliriously vulnerable.

The energy of Quitapenas is undeniable. A staple in their hometown, their sound and stage presence has catapulted them onto stages across the country, including Grand Park and Coachella. Their sound echoes the radical music of the 60's and 70s, while sonically collaging influences from Angola, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, and beyond. It's urban Tropicalia without restraint.

Quitapenas grew, and continues to grow, with the unrelenting help of their community, which is something they don't take lightly. Their songs often speak on the realities of the world they come from, which are often those difficult conversations we often try to avoid. Tigrada is just that- a fierce-yet-joyful confrontation of the state of our world today- a look at all of the missing pieces and a refreshing tool for us to collectively fill in the gaps.

Tigrada is out today on Cosmica Records.

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