Javier Arce

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Quick Info:

Label: Independent

Genre: RnB meets Reggaeton

Related Artists: Chet Faker, Nicolas Jaar, Chancha Via Circuito, Helado Negro



Javier arce was born and raised in, Heredia, Costa Rica

just outside of the Capital. He became widely known as the singer of one of Costa Rica's leading indie bands- Cocofunka- with whom he's filled the largest venues in Costa Rica, as well as toured with across Latin America and the U.S. His solo project is another story. Blending RnB, hazy electronics, tropical rhythms, and poetry- Javier's sound is unlike anything else coming out of the country. 

He released his first song, Clavel, in 2016, which shot to the top of both Apple Music's and Spotify's Latin Indie charts- taking the track to over 600k plays on Spotify alone. In 2017, he released his second single Quise Fuego, which was included in Spotify's viral 50 in both Argentina and Costa Rica- where it was #2. His latest single, Onces, was released in 2018- presenting a new intense downtempo side of the project, alongside lyrics that directly confront the political situation in Costa Rica. 

In 2017, Arce debuted his live solo show at the highly prestigious Envision Festival in Costa Rica, as well as at Epicentro alongside Argentine giants Los Espiritus. 2018 brings even more live shows- Transitarte, UCR, and Epicentro festival alongside Julian Casablancas, Kinky, and many others.

2018 will also see more music from Javier Arce- including a collaborative EP with Lagartijeando,and an international tour to support. 



Quick Info:

Labels: Tropical Twista, Frente Bolivarista

Genre: Cosmic folk-meets-electronic

Related Artists: Nicola Cruz, Juana Molina, Chancha Via Circuito




Her songs contain notes of South American melodies, African folklore, all coming together under contemporary electronic beats. Kaleema is Heidi Lewandowski- born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she was classically trained on the violin. Taking that foundational knowledge, she began to travel and study music all over the world, with influences from afro-colombian rhythms to modern hip hop seeping into her music as she moved.

Kaleema's home base is Buenos Aires, where she collaborates with heavy hitters in the electronic folk scene like Chancha Via Circuito, El Búho, Lido Pimienta, and many more. In 2017, Kaleema released her first full length album, Nómada, which features collaborations from Lido Pimienta, Chancha Via Circuito, Sara Hebe, and many more. She appeared on various compilations, including Waxploitation's 'Future Sounds of Argentina'. In 2018 Kaleema has already released an EP of remixes and played the prestigious Envision Festival in Costa Rica and has a year of busy touring across the globe coming up.

Macha Kiddo

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Quick Info:

Labels: Waxploitation

Genre: Lofi Hip Hop, Trap

Related Artists: Niña Dioz, Mala Rodriguez, Ana Tijoux

Home Base: Buenos Aires

Macha Kiddo (Sofia Madriz) was born and raised in Alajuela, Costa Rica. Since moving to Buenos Aires over 10 years ago, she's adapted to the insanity of the city and quite literally found her rhythm in it.

Originally a drummer, she began experimenting with her voice as she was playing in various groups, and began freestyling and collaborating with producers. She developed her own very characteristic flow that's somewhere between heavy and sweet. In 2017, her first single Monster, came out on a compilation called Future Sounds of Argentina (via Waxploitation). Billboard highlighted the track, noting its "game rhymes" and "Bronx-inflected electronic beat." Macha Kiddo has been practically living in the studio since. Shortly after, in 2018, she released her first EP Inpenetrable, which featured collaborations with Costa Rican Producer + Artist Javier Arce and Argentinean producer and artist Kaleema.

Her following single, Jony (La Romi), came out later that year along with an extremely strong video directly confronting the homophic + transphoic political climate that was rampant in Costa Rica at the time. Noted U.S. blog Remezcla called the song "a powerful indictment of Transphobia." Macha Kiddo operates on a highly politically + socially conscious level- releasing songs to both disturb and create peace.

In 2019, Macha Kiddo will be releasing her second EP, Melcocha, and planning an international tour.